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Autism Recovery in India | Autism Uprooted Ep. 1 | BioNexus Health Podcast

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Making a difference for families with global stories of hope and healing.

Listen to the autism recovery journey of a child in Chennai, India.

His playschool teachers told his parents that their child did not engage with anyone. They continued, he did not act normal, and the school was not the place for him. After being diagnosed with autism at three years old, his parents spent years taking him to doctors and trying various treatments available from Chennai to Delhi. Desiring to avoid English medicine, they focused on a variety of herbal and ayurvedic treatments.

The child did not have a sleeping pattern. Instead, he would sleep for a few hours, wake up and cry.

His father started reading about camel milk and wanted to try it. His research path led him to a video of Dr. Jodie A. Dashore speaking about autism and camel milk.

His family noticed a change during the first phase of treatment, only focusing on diet and general supplements. He developed a sleeping pattern, and his bowel movements became solid. After his biological test results returned and his treatment plan became customized through phases two and three -- the child's gut and immune system healed. He developed an interest in playing, gardening, and helping in the kitchen.

During the recording, the nine-year-old was playing with the neighbors. He understands facial expressions, can understand several languages, and likes doing math problems.

"Before, he was like a stone. But now, after treatment, we can say a beautiful statue is coming out of that," father.



Dr. Jodie A. Dashore, Ph.D. (Integrative Medicine), OTD (Neurology), MSc (Neurology), HHP, BCIP, CCH, RH (AHG)

Welcome to the BioNexus Health podcast with Dr. Jodie A. Dashore, who holds a Ph.D. in integrative medicine, a Doctorate in OT, specializing in neurology, is board-certified in Integrative Pediatrics, an internationally recognized pioneering clinician, registered herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, and author. Her naturopathic journey began when her son, who was diagnosed with autism, developed a series of traumatic, life-threatening chronic health issues. For over a decade, she’s honed her skills to combine the ancient ayurvedic healing practices of her homeland with western herbal medicine that has helped patients in over fifty countries and recovered her son, who is on his own journey towards becoming a physician.

Master herbalist Dr. Dashore and guests explore and share information and stories about recovering and healing from chronic and environmental illnesses such as mold/ biotoxin illness, Lyme disease, autism spectrum disorder, fatigue, Crohn's and colitis, mast cell activation syndrome, PANS, and more.


The series shares the stories of hope and recovery from parents around the world.

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore coined the phrase Complex Autism when she began seeing more complicated pediatric autism cases. Over several years she unraveled her son’s complex medical issues, which presented as typical autism symptoms. She’s helped patients globally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and had underlying Lyme disease, mold/ biotoxin illness, PANS, and much more.


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