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The BioNexus Approach to Biotoxin Illness by Jodie A. Dashore, PhD LAUNCH PARTY

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"Her excellent, safely acquired results show us we all have much to learn from her."

— Ritchie C. Shoemaker, MD

The video below is a recording of the live event held on 11/11/20


Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD
Dr. Scott McMahon, MD
Dr. Joseph Musto, D.A.B.B. (MicrobiologyDX)
Prof (Dr) Farrell Hellig MD Interventional Cardiologist (South Africa)
Dr. Rob Fordham ND, UK (UK)
Dr. Gilian Crowther ND, (UK)
Michael with Hopkinton Drug (Massachusetts)
Brian Dashore


The BioNexus Approach to Biotoxin Illness: A step-by-step guide to sustainable, plant-based treatment options For over a decade, Dr. Jodie A. Dashore, PhD, OTD, BCIP, HHP, CCH, RH (AHG) has shared her plant-based clinical experiences and taught her philosophies and methods to parents, patients, and practitioners around the world. A master herbalist, Dr. Dashore's clinic, BioNexus Health, provides all-natural treatment alternatives to patients in over 50 countries. For the first time, she reveals the process, methods, and herbal recommendations used as a part of her BioNexus Approach to biotoxin illness.

The BioNexus Approach to Biotoxin Illness focuses on the full 360 of recovering and maintaining optimal health after CIRS-Mold and/or CIRS-Lyme. Dr. Dashore's method includes a wide-range of proprietary herbal formulations, including BioNexus Herbals Formula 1 NSB, a plant-based alternative treatment for MARCoNS, endorsed by the CIRS provider panel of Surviving Mold. A MicrobiologyDX study showed Formula 1 NSB eradicated, "MARCoNS consistent with the requirement of the Dr. R. Shoemaker protocol for CIRS." 

"The BioNexus Approach to Biotoxin Illness is a comprehensive overview and treatment guideline that should be in every physician's and patient's bookcase!"

— Eugene R. Shippen, MD 


Dr. Jodie A. Dashore is an internationally recognized pioneering clinician, presenter, researcher, and clinical herbalist. She holds a PhD in integrative medicine, is a board-certified holistic health practitioner, board-certified in integrative pediatrics, Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild, a Lyme literate clinician, and a CIRS Shoemaker certified practitioner.

Dr. Dashore is the founder and director of BioNexus Health Clinic and BioNexus Herbals & Apothecary, dedicated to plant-based all-natural treatment options for autism, Lyme disease, PANS, and mold/biotoxin illness.


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