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BioNexus Herbals Formula 1 NSB Study

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Report on the Effectiveness of the Antimicrobial Formula 1 NSB in Treating Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus (MARCoNS)

Dr. Joseph D. Musto, D.A.B.B., President and Director of Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology DX

Updated April 22, 2020

Consciously Widecrafted, Doctor Approved, and Made in the USA

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore formulated the proprietary BioNexus Herbals for BioNexus Health Clinic patients by drawing on the wisdom of ancient Eastern medicine, modern Western herbalism, and the incredible power of quantum medicine.

Formula 1 NSB (nasal spray broad-spectrum) developed out of several years of research into mycotoxins and the search for an herbal alternative to eradicate MARCoNS. A recent study* led by Dr. Joseph D. Musto, D.A.B.B., President and Director of Laboratory Medicine at Microbiology DX in Bedford, MA, found, "32 of 33 cultures represent 97% of the cultures tested and showed very high inhibition (97.4% - 99.2%). The report concluded, "The Formula 1 NSB preparation shows in-vitro, a strong potential as an alternative to current nasal spray treatment of MARCoNS in deep nasal cultures and provides a means to eradicate nares MARCoNS consistent with the requirement of the Dr. R. Shoemaker protocol for CIRS." Additionally, "the yeast, Candida parapsilosis was also tested and showed a high level of inhibition at 97.8%."

BioNexus Herbals Formula 1 NSB very high inhibition

The herbs used in BioNexus Herbals are sustainably grown, biodynamic, organic or wildcrafted, consciously harvested, and handmade in exclusive small batches in an FDA registered facility using cGMP (certified good manufacturing practice) practices in the United States.

Research and clinical experience enabled the creation of a full line of formulas and blends to help BioNexus Health patients heal, repair, and maintain their health.

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